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Wagram Equity Partners is an independent investment company with a long term perspective. Our business is making equity investments in private companies through controlling ownership positions.

We are involved investors. Our team consists of 3 partners, who are also the shareholders of Wagram, next to a limited number of private investors. As shareholders we share directly in both the rewards and risks of equity ownership. This guarantees a strong commitment and hands-on approach when it comes to investments.

We take a long-term view of a company's performance. This means that we do not have a predetermined exit date. We are patient investors. At Wagram, the timing of a divestment is driven by the value we can add to a company and the opportunities that arise in the market. This strategy is supported by the evergreen status of our fund, meaning our fund has no end date, enabling us to take that long-term view. The average time period we own a company is between 5 to 10 years.

We have a down-to-earth approach and short decision lines. At Wagram we try to look beyond the spreadsheet and the business plan at what really drives the business and its managers. This is why we prefer to sit down with management in an early stage. If in the course of our involvement a difficult situation arises, we are prepared to face the situation head-on and play an active role in its resolution.

Our down-to-earth approach is also reflected in the way we execute transactions. A large part of the work, such as transaction analysis, structuring, negotiations and due diligence is performed by ourselves. We make use of outside advisors for specific issues. We can move fast and decisive if required. Our track record shows that we have been able to deliver difficult (turnaround) transactions.

Wagram was established in 1996 by Joost Rijper. Since then we have successfully accrued an investment portfolio of € 200 million.
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